For more than 20 years Language Interface has been providing top-quality English-Russian and Russian-English translations for a variety of international activities. We cover translations, linguistic reviews and analysys, translators testing and training.
Major Projects Supported

International Space Station

Shuttle-Mir Space Program, NASA

Integrated Cargo Carrier Project, Spacehab

Space Travel Tourist Aerospace System

Orbital Space Launch Systems

Energy Sector

Caspian Pipeline Project

Tengiz Oilfield Devlopment Projects

Onshore Processing Facility (Sakhalin II)

Kashagan Oil Field Development

Tengizshevroil Project Evaluations

Yuzhnoye Khylchuyu Oilfield Development

Science and Technology

Russian Standards and Regulations

Caspian Depression Geophysical study

Automatic Control Systems Development

Oil Mist Generating System LubriMist, LSC

ControTrace Heat Tracing Systems

Caspian Environment Programme

Moscow Transportation Planning

American Concrete Institute, Building Code Requirements For Structural Concrete

L.F. Kozin, S. Hansen, Mercury Handbook: Chemistry, Applications and Environmental Impact

N.N. Lyashenko, Methods and Algorithms for Inductive Inference

A.K. Mazurov, G.Y. Boyarko et al, Prospects Of Bakcharskoye Iron Ore Field Development


United Nations, Millennium Development Goal Reports

United Nations, The Question of Palestine and the United Nations

United Nations, Democracy and Human Rights

V.A. Makhov, Innovators Take Over

M.A. Rozov, The Social Race Theory and Problems of Epistemology