Russian for Adults

Tuitor-guided learning

Russian language classes for adult learners at all levels of knowledge

  • For beginners (levels А1 and А2)
  • For intermediate level (levels B1 and B2)
  • For advanced studies of the Russian language (levels C1 and C2)

Consulting on Russian language usage

  • Contemporary Literary Russian
  • Russian stylistics

Preparation to exams and tests

  • Preparation for Russian as a Foreign Language aptitude test at all levels of certification
  • Preparation for taking the Russian language Unified State Exam (ЕГЭ)
Ask about classes
Dr. Elena Berg

The classes are run by Dr. Elena Berg, Ph.D. in Rusian Language, the author of textbooks Resonance. Russian Language for Beginners and Russian Stylistics and Rhetoric for Lawyers.

These classes are run as one-to-one sessions. Group sessions can be arranged on demand.
Until the COVID-19 pandimic is over the classes are run only online.
The cost of the classes is $55/hour.