Russian Language

Learning and Teaching

Russian language study guide Resonance for learners and teachers of the Russian language; contains everything needed for acquiring Russian language skills

Learning dictionaries LexTutor enable learners of foreign languages create and maintain personal dictionaries or use the Study Guide dictionaries

English-Russian Dictionary LexSite retrieves translations of words and expressions in the English-Russian language pair

Training and consulting for those seeking assistance in Russian language learning and teaching

Russian Language Study Guide

This Russian language learning and teaching guide includes a textbook with exercises and comments for teachers, as well as a web-based supplement that contains dictionaries, answers to the exercises and soundtracks for learning Russian phonetic. All components of this suite (grammar studies, lexicon acquisition and development of communication skills) are balanced and complement each other. This creates a consistent system that helps study the language efficiently with no loose ends left.

At the completion of the course the learners acquire Russian language skills at the level A2, which allows for adequate communications with native speakers of Russian.

Lexicon Development

With this platform learners create and maintain their personal dictionaries. Each new entry made in the personal dictionary improves and secures the learner's vocabulary. This practical lexicography engages the learner in a continuous vocabulary development process.

The built-in flashcards and automatic tests speed-up the acquisition of foreign lexicon.

Learners can also take advantage of the suite of prearranged Resonance Dictionaries that cover words and expressions introduced in the Resonance textbook.

Teachers create their personal dictionaries aimed at particular subjects or lessons and share them with their students.

LexSite Dictionary

Free English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary that contains more than 1.4 million entries. Ensures disambiguation of search results that may be needed where ambiguous requests are made or homoforms are found.

The dictionary's lexical dataset includes commonly used words, special terminology and lexicon acquired at Language Interface when providing linguistic support for inernational projects. The dataset has been verified against the reference lexicographic sources, such as English-Russian and Russian-English bilingual dictionaries and English glossaries.

Training and consulting

Here you can get help and consulting on teaching and learning Russian as Foreign Language, Russian literary standards and style guidance.

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