Russian as a foreign language: Learning and Teaching

Russian Language

Learning and Teaching

Resonance Textbook for learners and teachers of the Russian language; contains everything needed for acquiring Russian language skills

Learner's Dictionaries enable foreign languages learners create and maintain personal dictionaries and use the learner's dictionaries of the Resonance series

LexSite Dictionary developed for translators working in the English-Russian language pair and for advanced learners of Russian as a foreign language

Training and consulting for those seeking assistance in learning and teaching the Russian language

Russian Language Textbook

This Russian language learning and teaching guide includes a textbook with grammar notes, exercises and guidelines, and a web-based supplement that contains dictionaries, answers to the exercises and audio records for learning the Russian phonetic. All components of this suite – grammar studies, development of vocabulary and communication skills – are balanced and complement each other. This creates a consistent system that ensures efficient acquisition of the Russian language.

At the completion of the course the learners acquire Russian language skills at the level A2+, which is adequate for fluent and confident commmunications with the native speakers of Russian.

Learner's dictionaries

The learner's dictionary platform LexTutor has a toolset for the development of personal dictionaries. These tools enable users create and maintain their own personal dictionaries with embedded interactive features.

LexTutor also contains a library of subject-oriented dictionaries and dictionaries with words and phrases from certain works of literature. Another library is composed of dictionaries to the textbook and study guide Resonance, designed for learners of Russian as a second language.

The third component of the platform is the Comprehensive English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary LexSite for transtors and students.

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Space Exploration and Aviation

Shuttle-Mir Space Program

Integrated Cargo Carrier for the Space Shuttle Orbiter

Space Travel Tourist Aerospace System

Orbital Space Launch Systems

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Caspian Pipeline Project

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Sakhalin Onshore Processing Facility

Kashagan Oil Field Development

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Russian Standards and Regulations

Geophysical Studies of the Caspian Depression

Oil Mist Generating System LubriMist

ControTrace Heat Tracing Systems

Caspian Environment Programme

American Concrete Institute Building Code


United Nations Reports and Studies

Researches and studies on philosophy, history and economy

Language Interface, a pioneering linguistic engineering company, was established in 1994 with the primary objective of facilitating seamless cross-language communication within international projects.

Over the years, Language Interface has consistently delivered exceptional Russian-English and English-Russian translations for prestigious ventures including the International Space Station, Caspian Pipeline, United Nations studies, and a myriad of others.

Presently, leveraging its extensive expertise cultivated across diverse domains, Language Interface engages in the creation of comprehensive studies, the development of cutting-edge electronic dictionaries, and the enhancement of foreign language education methods for both learning and teaching purposes.

Training and consulting

Here you can get advice on teaching and learning Russian as a Foreign Language, Russian literary standards and style guidance.

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