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Resonance textbook is intended for those who are beginning to study Russian. It will fit your needs whether you are studying alone or attending classes. The textbook covers levels A1/A2.

LEARNING DICTIONARIES LEXTUTOR enable learners of foreign languages create and maintain their personal dictionaries or use pre-arranged subject-specific public dictionaries. Take advantage of built-in testing and progress monitoring features.

Russian Language Classes will help you acquire knowledge of Russian language at all levels of language competence, from basic grammar to special issues of Russian stylistics.

Free dictionary LexSite is an English-Russian and Russian-English online dictionary. It contains 1.4 million words and phrases.

25 years of experience in delivering top-quality translations for international projects

International Space Station

Shuttle-Mir Space Program

Integrated Cargo Carrier for the Space Shuttle Orbiter

Space Travel Tourist Aerospace System

Orbital Space Launch Systems

Energy Sector

Caspian Pipeline Project

Tengiz Oilfield Devlopment Projects

Sakhalin Onshore Processing Facility

Kashagan Oil Field Development

Tengizshevroil Projects

Yuzhnoye Khylchuyu Oilfield Development

Science and Technology

Russian Standards and Regulations

Geophysical Studies of the Caspian Depression

Oil Mist Generating System LubriMist

ControTrace Heat Tracing Systems

Caspian Environment Programme

American Concrete Institute Building Code


United Nations Reports and Studies

Researches and studies on philosophy, history and ecomomy

The English-Russian / Russian-English online dictionary LexSite contains 1.4 million lexical units

LexSite is an online dictionary with free public access. LexSite keeps the search history; it retrieves translations of phrases and provides examples of word usage. If the requested source word has homoforms, the dictionary suggests user clarification. The dictionary also offers reverse translation of the lexical unit while retaining the initial results.

The dictionary's lexical dataset includes commonly used words, special terminology and lexicon acquired at Language Interface when providing linguistic support for numerous inernational projects. The dataset has been verified against the reference lexicographic sources, such as English-Russian and Russian-English bilingual dictionaries and English glossaries.

Take a class of Russian as a Second Language, Russian as First Language or Russian stylistics. Study the language efficiently working one-to-one with your tutor.
Develop your knowledge of Russian with this textbook that will walk you through specifics of the Russian grammar, engage you in exploration of Russian culture as it pertains to language, and help build your communication skills.
Learn foreign words and expressions with the LexTutor learning dictionaries. Create your personal dictionaries or use pre-arranged public dictionaries. Test your knowledge and monitor your progress with the built-in features.