Learner's Dictionaries

LexSite Dictionary


Comprehensive English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary for language learners and translators. Contains more than 1.4 million entries, including commonly used words and scientific terminology. The dictionary's search engine captures morphological specifics of the English and Russian languages, thus reducing ambiguity and improving the speed and quality of translations in the English-Russian language pair.

Resonance Dictionaries


These dictionaries supplement the Resonance textbook lessons, helping the learners acquire Russian words and expressions studied in the book.

This library also includes a comprehensive dictionary that covers the entire lexicon learned in the course. Learners can search words across these dictionaries and use their analytical and learning features.

Subject-oriented Dictionaries


Contain words and expressions on particular subjects or those from certain works of literature. This library includes the Research Paper Language dictionary with recommended scientific style cliché.

Personal dictionaries


This platform enables users develop their personal dictionaries. Users can create and edit their dictionaries, transform them into sets of flashcards and automated tests.

Although personal dictionaries are primarily intended for individual use, the owners can share their dictionaries with other users as needed.